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Terms & Conditions for WebCoodee

Welcome to our WebCoodee website.

If you continue to browse and use our website, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before continuing.
a) WebCoodee has its own standing and at times our website may use “we” or “us” to refer our identity. The term “you” refers to the user or viewer of our website.
b) Our website may include links to external web sites. These links are provided only to help you find relevant websites, services/products which may interest you. They do not mean we endorse those websites. It is your responsibility to decide whether the services/products on those websites are suitable for you. WebCoodee is not responsible for the owners or operators of those website.
c) The content in our website are general and is subject to change without notice. Use of materials/information on our website is entirely at your own risk and we are not liable for the damages you may suffer.
d) We do our best to give you the right information through our website. However, please make sure to contact us or any other experts in the field to make any important decisions.

Copyright, IP Rights and Trademark

a)Our website has materials such as texts, images, and sound, protected by copyright/intellectual property rights. All the materials in this site are owned by us or licensed by its owners for usage on our website.
b) Illegal use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages or be a criminal offence
c)You may not copy (print, store, download), distribute, broadcast, or tamper with any of the content present in the website

Intellectual Property

Project code is intellectual property of WebCoodee, company cannot share the code to anyone. WebCoodee delivers best services to each and every client. If any situation, client is demanding for the code of particular project, than client has to pay certain exta cost to get the code.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

WebCoodee may change the above said terms and conditions at any time. You need to check them each time you visit the website. Be aware that you are also bound to the changes made to the terms and conditions

Data Protection

Personal data that you give through our website will be used according to our privacy policy. Please read it carefully

Contact Us

If you have any questions or complaints about our website, please contact us.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

WebCoodee depends on this Cancellation and Refund Policy to assure your satisfaction. In some situations, you may not be satisfied with our services for reasons that are beyond our control. Under such circumstances, we may process a refund or cancellation under the following conditions.

Filing a Complaint

At WebCoodee, we will keep up our promise of taking every project to the final stage and completing it as per your requirements. If such a situation arises where you are dissatisfied with our services, a refund will be considered only when things truly go out of hand.
We will strive to find a solution where both of us can mutually agree on. Even then, if you wish to get a refund, we request you to send a message for a final dialogue before we proceed with the refund.
You can go ahead and file for a ‘refund claim’ when we are not able to agree on a mutually acceptable solution.

Refund Eligibility

Here we have clearly listed the Cancellation and Refund Policy related to each of our services.

Graphic design/logo design/brochure design

Full refund – You will be eligible for a full refund if the initial design style of the project has not been approved or if the project has not been started. In such a situation, a full refund policy will take place.
Partial refund – if there is a delivery failure from our end after the approval of the initial design style, we will release a partial refund which will be in proportion to the work we completed.
No refund – You cannot avail of any refund if the project is completed.

Web programming

Full refund – If the project has not been kicked off.

Partial refund – We will issue a partial refund if we fail to complete the project as per our contract of agreement. The refund amount will be calculated in proportion to the project completed vs the project that is yet to be completed as per the scope of the project.

No refund – You cannot avail of any refund if the project is completed and uploaded to the server.

Project Refund

Full refund – If the project has not been kick-started by the developer/designer/content writer/SEO expert/or any other resource.
Proportionate refund – According to the work done till you decide to cancel the order.
No refund – For the services that have already been provided.

SEO & Digital Promotion

We do not have any control over the policies of the search engines or directories. Getting listed on some search engines and directories may take longer, even after the commencement of the project. In some cases, search engines and directories may drop the listing for no apparent or predictable reason. So, WebCoodee is not responsible for changes made to your website by other parties that may affect the search engine or directory ranking.
Our SEO and internet marketing services require an extensive amount of resources and time to formulate the right strategy, which leads us to incur internal expenses. So, payment made for SEO and other internet marketing services is non-refundable.

Refund Criteria

Partial refunds will be processed within a maximum of 100 business days from the date of cancellation.
Full refunds will be processed within 50 business days.
Refunds will be paid either by credit card or check.


1. Renewal amount of any service taken from WebCoodee have to be paid on or before the day of renewal otherwise your service will be closed on the same day at 12 AM. We are not responsible for the loss of domain if any from the domain and hosting provider and if any extra charges will be caused due to delay in renew of domain and hosting, it will be payable from the client side yet we will do inform you in advance of 7 days for the renewal. If there is any issue regarding payment we will only extend 2-3 days only on the request by client on mail and we will not renew any service if the amount hasn't been paid. We will not renew any service by our own, it will be renewed only after the amount has been paid by the client.
2. The requirement of any data like images, logo, about us or any other content which will be required to proceed the project will be given under 7 to 10 days(acc to project timeline) and if not given then we will do it according to us and we will finalize it until content is provided and if there are no updates from client side after the specific duration of project, then the project will be closed from our side and only be resumed after written request on mail and after settlement of any extra charges if any.
3. No other additional free services like logo design or any other will be added after the finalisation of initial biling given to client and if any other requirement comes after the initial invoice given, there will be additional charges for the same.
4. If the client takes domain and hosting services from our side, then on starting the project or on renewal or at any point of time, the specific bifucate amount of domain and hosting billing will not be disclosed to the client, as you are taking full services and so we will display the overall amount in initiation of the project and in renewal of the project.
5. The client can provide the domain from his/ her side, however hosting will be provided from our side only, If the hosting is provided by the client side, then the client has to give the credentials like ID and password of the hosting provider.
6. After launching of website or any other services by WebCoodee, we will provide some changes or improvements in the services (website, software, or app etc) annually and charge it as annual maintenance charges, however it is specified that there will be limited changes can be done and only on some specific things like (some content, images, logo or any other minor changes regarding contact etc.) Provided there will be no major changes (like additional admin panel, page design change or additional space for ads on some occasion etc) takes place in the design or any other major part of any service ( website, software, app etc) if there are any additional changes clients wants to make, then there will be extra charges regarding particular changes or improvements which will be specifically charged acc to the requirement.
7. Website code will strictly cannot be provided to the client in any condition whatsoever until and unless client will give a purposefull or justified reason for it, and there will be extra charges for the code acc to the project amount, and after handling over the code to client , we or any person employee or who so ever associated with WebCoodee will not be responsible for any changes or loss in the website or app what so ever and it will be totally responsibility of the client, and if the client still continues taking services, renewal amount would still be there and we can still make the changes in code of Website or app.
8. Regarding the advance amount of starting any project, there will be 40% advance amount have to be paid by the client then only we can start the project, and after the final demo link given to the client, client will pay rest of the 60% balance amount, then only the website or app will be live, until and unless full amount will be paid, no service (website, app etc) can be made live on the database.

Contact Us Regarding Cancellation and Refund Policy Questions

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. So, we request you to review this policy periodically. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this policy, kindly send us a message.
Note – This Cancellation and Refund Policy is applicable to all the websites owned by WebCoodee.
Policy updated on – 2nd April 2020

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